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group insurance

The Chambers of Commerce Group Insurance Plan is the country's leading benefit program for small business. The Chamber's Plan covers:

  1. businesses with up to 50 employees, including one person firms
  2. is open to all industries
  3. never targets an individual firm for a rate increase or cancellation
  4. offers a full range of benefits, including options normally reserved for 'big business'
  5. pools claims for price stability
  6. includes a Pay Direct Prescription Drug Card Option

If your year-round business has been operating for at least six months, you're eligible to apply. While your firm is covered it must be a member of the Chamber of Commerce. In firms with 5+ people, everyone under age 65 is guaranteed coverage.

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complete benefit selection
extended health care
  1. Prescription drugs
  2. Ambulance coverage
  3. Paramedical services including: Massage Therapy, Chiropractor, Physiotherapy, and many more!
group term life insurance
  1. Select either flat amounts or multiple salary
critical illness
  1. A lump sum up to $25,000 is paid in the event you are afflicted with a critical illness as defined in the policy
best doctors
  1. Unlimited access to Best Doctors services included in every group plan
dental care
  1. Cleanings twice per year
  2. X-rays
  3. Extractions
  4. Major services
  5. Orthodontics for firms with 10+ employees
disability coverage
  1. Coverage can begin from the first day of an accident and the eighth day of an illness
  2. Income replacement benefits can continue until age 65
accidental death and dismemberment
  1. Doubles the amount of insurance if death is caused by accident and includes loss of use coverage