B & B Farms

B and B farms is located in Trinity and a great spot to stop and enjoy the wild life. Located on site is a petting zoo where you can see farm animals, exotic birds like peacocks, ring necked and red golden pheasants, polish hens, miniature chickens and more. Pony rides are also available. B and B Farms is open from June to August.

P.O. Box 87
Trinity, B. Bay NL
A0G 4L0
Tel#: 709-678-2172
Located in Trinity, Bonavista Bay along Route 320


Indian Bay Fish-Out Pond

The Indian Bay Fish-out Pond is located just 2 km north of the Town of Indian Bay. This scenic attraction offers fishing, paddle boat rentals and canteen. Open from June to September.

Located 2 km North of Indian Bay
Tel#: 709-678-6225/678-7070


Resettler's Museum

Located in the community of Centerville, the Resettler's Museum has become the point of interest for this small community. Noted for its charm, the museum records and displays the history of the first government planned resettled community. Located on site are a number of historical artifacts, and demonstrations of the old world kitchen and bedroom. The building was moved from Fair Island Bonavista Bay during the resettlement program. The Museum is open from July to September.

P.O. Box 10
Centerville, NL
A0G 4P0
Tel#: 709-678-6317/2218
Fax#: 709-256-2944


Village Green Memorial

The Village Green Community Park is a popular spot for both tourists and locals alike, it has become a place to stop for picnics, rest and relax. This site has also become the host for the local Memorial Day service that takes place every Remembrance Day. Located on site is a cenotaph which was built in the years of 1996-1998 and erected in memory of those who lost their lives for their country. Located along Route 320

For More Information, please feel free to contact the Gander and Area Chamber of Commerce:

Tel: 709-256-7110
E-mail: ganderchamber@ganderchamber.nf.ca