Driving east from Gambo along Route 1 you will enter the first stop on the Road to the Beaches. Town of Glovertown which is the service centre for the Alexander Bay area. Formerly called Bloody Bay, Glovertown is built around a large harbour opening in to a "reach" extending about 30 kilometres to the open sea. In the early part of the centrury, the cod fishery, shipbuilding and the lumber industry flourished here. In the late 1950's, many families resttled here from Bragg's Island, Flat Island and Deer Island. Today, Glovertown is a service centre with beautiful scenery. Be sure to visit the Ken Diamond Park and hike the 3.5 kilometres of newly developed trails with interpretive signage. Moving passed Gambo along the Road to the Shore you can visit Traytown, a small community that was first settled by workers employed at a local sawmill. Nearby, a causeway can access Culls Harbour. The name "Culls Harbour" is believed to have been named after John Cullion who started a lumber mill in the area.

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