Hiking Trails

Road to the Isles

Birchy Bay - Beothuck Indian Lookout - A natural walking trail

Baytona - This community has a hiking trail during the summer and a ski trail during the winter. Time: 1.5 hours

Comfort Cove/Newstead - Cull's Point Look-out and Doc's Hill - A brief 15 minute hike will lead you to a look-out perched atop a 200-foot cliff overlooking the Bay of Exploits. There is another gazebo-style look-out erected at Doc's Hill.

Lewisporte - Notre Dame Park has a 10 km cross-country ski trail. Woolfrey's Pond Boardwalk Trail is 7 km in length and is wheelchair accessible. Woolfrey's Pond also has a ski trail 3 km in length.

Twillingate - French Beach - A half hour walk.

Cod Jacks Cove - A 2 km trail. Muddy. Appropriate footwear is encouraged.

Minty's Farm Road and Walking Trail

Roger's Cove

Smith's Lookout

Burnt Island Tickle

Top of Twillingate

Longpoint Trail

Crow Head - Sea Breeze Park - A small leisurely trail leading you out to the lighthouse and back.

Virgin Arm - Dildo Run Provincial Park - A 1.3 km trail. An interesting walk through a mixed forest.

Cottlesville - This community has a family oriented walking trail approximately 3 km in length. There are six picnic tables for those who wish to bring a lunch.

Change Islands - This community has two hiking trails and one walking trail. Squid Jiggers Trail and Indian Look-out Trail are for those looking for more of a hike, while the Shoreline Trail is for those looking for a more leisurely stroll.

Tilting - Turpins Trail - This trail takes you along the shore for 1.5 to 2 hours.

Fogo - Brimstone Head

Fogo - Fogo Head Trail

Fogo - Freeman's Pond Road - Found in the town of Fogo. Length: 3 km

Fogo - Lions Den Winter Trail - This trail looks out over the ocean as it brings you back to Fogo along the shore. Length: 2 km one way.

Fogo - Waterman's Brook - This trail goes from Fogo to the cemetery and then to Deep Bay.

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