Hiking Trails

Road to the Shore

Gander - Cobb's Pond Rotary Park Boardwalk - The pond is located on Magee Road, the first entrance on the west end of Gander. The board walk is a nature/fitness trail which makes a loop around the perimeter of the pond. It also has a side branch which leads to Little Cobb's Pond and the Newfoundland T'Railway. There are a number of picnic areas and vista stops along the way. The boardwalk itself is 8000 feet in length. The pond is suitable for canoeing, and there is a playground and picnic area next to the parking lot. Time: 30-40 minutes to walk the loop.

Gander - Hudson's Hiking Trail - This trail is located behind the Tourist Chalet on the Trans Canada Highway. The trail is fairly short, but quite steep, and leads down to Gander Lake.

Gander - Newfoundland T'Railway - Located along the route of the old Canadian National Railway, the Newfoundland T'Railway Park is the first stage of a planned 883 km recreation trail stretching from St. John's to Port aux Basques. A 12 km section through Gander, known as Cobb's Corridor, is currently being extended to 46 km, connecting the communities of Glenwood, Appleton, Gander, and Benton. The trail, which is intended for hiking, biking, snowmobiling and cross-country skiing, also connects with the Cobb's Pond boardwalk and the Former Gander Town Site.

Gander - Old Town Site - Walk the trails and discover the sight of the Banting Memorial Hospital, the Fire Hall and the first self serve grocery store in Newfoundland - Goodyear's. See where schools, churches, mess halls and many other points of interest once stood. You can still see some of the building foundations. Several areas have been set aside with benches and picnic tables for outdoor recreation.

Gander - Thomas Howe Demonstration Forest Walking Trail

Appleton - Glen Eagles Trail

Plantation Loop - This trail is ideal for those interested in a wilderness drive, mountain biking, or hiking. The trail is 7.5 km in length and features many planting practices with both native and exotic tree species.

The Interpretive Site - A sign on the Trans Canada Highway east of Gander indicates the interpretive site. This site focuses on three trail systems that examine the forest types of Central Newfoundland as well as common forestry practices. The Tipping Trail boasts of being the site for the feature film "Misery Harbour". The trails are maintained to a wheelchair grade and vary in length for 20 minutes to an hour. Each trail features signs explaining forestry techniques and characteristics of the Boreal Forest.

Musgrave Harbour - Sir Fredrick Banting Park - A trail that takes approximately one hour to walk. Also has 10 km of shoreline beaches.

Lumsden - A trail along the shore as well as a trail through the town.

Greenspond - This trail follows the shoreline right around the island. Created by the natural environment,it is 1.5 hours long and picnic tables are provided.

Indian Bay - Black Duck Pond - This walking trail takes you by the river.

Trinity - Blacks Head Trail - A 0.5 km uphill hike on Black's Head Trail will reward you with a view of trinity.

Gambo - This community has many trails, including a multi-use trail along the side of the river, a trail to the interpretation centre, a trail to the old cemetery (short), a trail by Middle Brook, and a ski trail from the water tank to the railway bed.

Hare Bay - This community has a hiking trail in the park as well as a walking trail to a brook (1000 ft).

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