New-Wes-Valley and Greenspond

Further east from Lumsden on the Road to the Shore is the Town of New-Wes-Valley, which is an amalgamation of the communities Newtown, Templeman, Pound Cove, Wesleyville, Brookfield, Badger's Quay, Pool's Island, and Valleyfied. Newtown was once referred to as the "Venice of Newfoundland" as this remarkable town is built on several tiny islands connected by bridges. The Barbour Living Heritage Village is dramatically located ona point, and is highly visible on entering the community. The village was once the part of a prosperous mercantile premises owned by the Barbour family. Wesleyville was the home of the great sealing captains, whose names were renown all over Newfoundland: the Keans, the Windsors and the Blackwoods. Greenspond is now connected to route 320 by causeway, but for a majority of time was only accesible by boat. It was also known as "The Capital of Bonavista North", and has a history dating back to the 1600's.

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