Barbour Living Heritage Village

Located in Newtown, The Barbour Living Heritage Village retells the story of the Barbour’s, one of the most important sealing families in Bonavista Bay. Enhanced with fifteen historic buildings dating back to the 19th and 20th century, period costume and live theatrical performances make this a living history like no other. Many services are available on site such as the visitor reception centre, the poop deck craft shop, and the olde shoppe restaurant. Season: June to October.

P.O Box 119
Newtown, NL
A0G 3L0
Tel#: 709-536-3220
Fax#: 709-536-3150


Greenspond Courthouse

Winner of the 1998 Southcott award, the Greenspond Courthouse was built between 1900 and 1901. Fully restored, it has become the point of interest in Greenspond. In fact, it is the only courthouse of its kind along the northeast coast. Upon arrival, you are greeted with friendly tour guides that show you around the Courthouse including the main floor, courtroom, jails and the upstairs quarters. The Greenspond Courthouse became a registered heritage structure in 1988. Open from June to September.

P.O. Box 119
Newtown, NL
A0G 3L0
Tel#: 709-536-3150
Fax#: 709-256-2944


Kosy Kruiser Boat Charters

Family owned and operated, Kosy Kruiser boat charters offers visitors a variety of services. Three daily departures are available for all to enjoy. Departing three times daily. Special departures are available but must be prearranged. Along the tour there are several sites to see including seabirds, whales, and icebergs. In addition, a Kosy Kruise is not complete without a trip to the historic town of Safe Harbour. Here visitors will enjoy the old whaling factory, breathtaking views, drinks and a picnic.

P.O Box 15
Badger’s Quay, NL
A0G 1B0
Tel#: 709-536-2320
Fax#: 709-536-2320


Nortons Cove Studio

Located on Main Street in Brookfield, Norton’s Cove Studio provides visitors with a selection of local artwork as well as gifts, books, and Norton Cove Cards. It features the art of local artist Janet Davis. Art supplies, classes and workshops are available. It is recognized as a heritage structure and is open year round.

P.O. Box 223
New-Wes-Valley, NL
A0G 4R0
Tel: 709-536-2533/7617


Bonavista North Regional Museum

The Bonavista North Regional Museum is located in the picturesque community of Wesleyville. Noted for their involvement with the fishing industry, the Bonavista North Regional Museum takes a look at the industry as well as some of its most predominant figures. Also located on site are ship’s models, a 60 year old drawn horse hearse, restored cemetery, and tour guide. The Bonavista North Regional Museum is open from June to September.

P.O Box 257
Wesleyville, NL
A0G 4R0
Tel#: 709-536-2110
Fax#: 709-536-3039


Sealing Captain's Look-Out/Walking Trail

Overlooking the town of Greenspond, the Sealing Captain’s look out and walking trail offers visitors a 1.5 hour long walk along with various rest stops and picnic tables. The trail follows the shoreline right around the island. Created by a natural environment, the Sealing captain's walking trail is an excellent way to explore all that the community of Greenspond has to offer.

Located at the entrance of Greenspond

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