The Road to the Beaches

Traveling east from Gambo one will begin a journey through the “Road to the Beaches”. It is along this route that one will experience the picturesque community of Glovertown, a communnity that offers visitors a unique look at a coastal community within the Kittiwake Coast. Glovertown is known for its warm hospitality and inviting townspeople.

The neighboring communities of Traytown, Culls Harbour, St. Chad’s and Sandringham are not to be missed, as they too provide a historical glimpse into the past. From there, Burnside offers its visitors a hands on experience of the past with the Burnside Archaeology Centre, where visitors can discover over 5000 years of aboriginal history.

The Eastport Peninsula is home to the most notable beaches in the area. The town of Eastport is best known for its white sandy beach, which is used by tourists and locals alike. At the very east end of the “Road to the Beaches”, more of Newfoundland’s beauty awaits in the community of Salvage. A typical fishing village, this community is enriched with history and trails that wind in and around the rocky mountain coastline.

On the west end of the Eastport Peninsula, one will pass through the community of Happy Adventure into the Town of Sandy Cove. Named after the famous Sandy Cove Beach, visitors are fascinated by its natural beauty. Located under Newman sound, this natural horseshoe shaped beach is surrounded with sand walls that extend 80 feet into the air.

Terra Nova National Park extends along the eastern edge of the Kittiwake Coast. Loved by vacationers and nature enthusiasts, Terra Nova offers an abundance of activities including camping and picnicking facilities, hiking and nature trails, restaurants, lodging facilities, a golf course, the marine interpretation centre and a visitor information centre. While Terra Nova Park consists primarily of camping and outdoor activities, the communities of Terra Nova and Charlottetown offer an alternative to the outdoor activities with a scenic drive through these picturesque towns.

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