The Road to the Isles

The journey through winding roads with scenic views of surrounding islands is what gives route 340 the name “The Road to the Isles”. Situated along the coastline of the Atlantic Ocean, the town of Lewisporte is the first stop. The coastal communities surrounding Lewisporte make up some of the most spectacular views offered by the Road to the Isles.

Continue East into Campbellton and Boyd’s Cove to experience the historical past of the Beothuks, a culture unique and unlike any other. Route 340 continues north into New World Island. The views of New World Island lead north to the historic community of Twillingate, which has been recognized as the iceberg capitol of the world and is the last stop along the Road to the Isles. Here, at the tip of the Atlantic Ocean, tourists can watch whales as they flow through the rugged waters, and experience the majestic wonder of the iceberg.

Departing from Farewell, a ferry ride will embark upon a journey through the waters of Notre Dame Bay and arrive in Change Islands. Visitors are then greeted with tiny salt box houses with green gardens, and a Newfoundland Pony refuge. The unique history of Change Islands has been preserved thanks to the Stages and Stores Heritage Foundation.

Departing from Change Islands, visitors continue their journey into Fogo Island, which is the largest island off the coast of Newfoundland. The island consists of eleven communities each with their own flare and historical backdrop. Fogo’s worldwide recognition has been increased by the Flat Earth Society: According to the Flat Earth Society, Brimstone Head, which is located in the community of Fogo, is one of the four corners of the world. From the Irish history in Tilting to the caribou herds found roaming throughout the island, Fogo Island has become a land of prestige that attracts visitors year after year.

From the rugged coastline and rocky interior, scenic views and the historical past, the Road to the Isles provides an experience for all to enjoy. Unique in its own right, it continues to maintain a sense of being with delightful people, traditional hospitality and picturesque communities. The Road to the Isles is a place that delivers a true Newfoundland experience.

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