The Road to the Shore

While the Kittiwake Coast has many things to see and do, Gander has continued to be the major service centre for the area. From the international airport to the natural beauty of the Gander Lake and the Gander River, it has become one of the most recognized areas in the Kittiwake Coast.

The Road to the Shore, which is often referred to as “the loop”, consists of a unique mix of rugged coastlines and sandy beaches. Travels along the shore begin with the communnities of Gander, which offer mysterious shipwrecks and spectacular views.

The rugged coastline continues east to the pristine white sandy beaches that stretch for miles and encompass Musgrave Harbour, Deadman’s Bay and Lumsden. Enjoy watching the waves crash on the rocky coastline, or roll on the white sandy beaches.

The neighboring communities that make up New-Wes-Valley offer a unique cultural experience. Period costume, historic landmarks and architecture all evoke the atmosphere of a living heritage. It is in these communities that you will find heritage renditions of what existed over 100 years ago.

After enjoying the beauty of Centreville and Indian Bay the community of Dover presents a natural geological wonder known as the “Dover Fault”. From geological findings in Dover, further east is where the town of Gambo resides. Gambo is enriched in history and can most notably be recognized as the birthplace of the great Joseph R. Smallwood.

The Road to the Shore offers an experience of a lifetime. Mysterious shipwrecks, rugged coastlines, and living heritage are all enhanced with a rustic elegance and an intriguing historical background.

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