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Visit our all season tourist information centre, owned and operated by the Gander and Area Chamber of Commerce. Find details on camp grounds, parks, tourist attractions, accommodations, restaurants, and more. We offer brochures, maps and tourist guides, as well as free internet access for the public.

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Area Adventures »

For a more indepth virtual exploration of the attractions and accommodations available to tourists on the Kittiwake Coast, please visit the Gander and Area Chamber of Commerce "Area Adventures" website. Feel free to contact the Tourist Centre for additional information.

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Tourism Links »
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  3. terra nova national park
  4. town of gander
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The Gander and Area Chamber of Commerce gives businesses the opportunity to advertise to the traveling public through the Gander Tourist Centre. Businesses are able to drop off brochures or other forms of information to promote their business in the Centre.


This is a great opportunity to advertise your business not only to visitors within the province, but also to the many visitors from all around the world that pass through theses doors each year.

Businesses are also able to rent advertising space in the Chalet. We have found the advertising displays in the Tourist Chalet are an excellent way for visitors to get an idea of the places they want to visit.

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